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340B Clinic Administered Medication Tracking Solution Integrated with EMR

How Does TriNet Medical’s SRX Work?

  • Barcode on the 340B medication is scanned at the point of administration to capture all required data including Medication name, NDC, Lot #, Expiration date in patient chart.
  • Order is generated within EMR
  • SRX automatically manages inventory levels of all Clinic Administered 340B drugs
  • Real-time data is available in SRX for 340B reporting and analysis


Increase Practice Efficiency

  • Custom integration with your EMR saves time as a single barcode scan captures all required data and automatically enters it into the patient chart.
  • Manual data entry or hand-written forms take much more time and are susceptible to human error, while scanned data is error-free and real-time.


Real-time Tracking and Reporting

  • Real-time inventory management data allows you to order just the right amount of medications and immunizations for the correct locations.
  • Custom reports provide details of item usage by patient ID, location, provider, etc.
  • Customizable low inventory and expired inventory alerts.


Improve Patient Safety

  • The SRX software has additional clinical safety checks that flag an incorrect, expired or recalled item when scanned by the provider


Additional Features & Information

  • Track all of your COVID-19 test kits, PPE and vaccines.


Customer Quote

“SRX is invaluable in maintaining control of our medical inventories and especially in meeting our 340B requirements.”
-Sunshine Community Health Center