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Covid-19 Saliva or Swab Test Tracking

Covid-19 saliva and swab test order & result tracking integrated with EMR or non-EMR patients

TriNet Medical’s SRX solution allows you to administer and track Covid-19 Saliva or Swab test. The process allows you to automate and facilitate capture of required data within patient chart. SRX system can generate its own customized 2D barcode for the test kit to improve the federal safety requirements.



The Process:

  • Barcode on the Covid-19 Saliva test kit is scanned within Covid-19 form
  • Order is placed within EMR or TriNet Medical SRX
  • Required data is saved within Patient Chart and Order section of EMR
  • SRX will send order data to Diagnostic Lab via HL7 message
  • When results are ready, Diagnostic Lab will send Results message back to SRX
  • Order and results data can be viewed within SRX and EMR
  • SRX data can be viewed as a Report or analyzed as needed


EMR integrated customizes workflow:



SRX (Non-EMR) integrated customized workflow:



Increase Practice Efficiency and Productivity

  • Custom integration for both EMR and SRX (non-EMR) applications saves time as a single barcode scan captures all required data and automatically enters it into the patient chart.
  • Manual data entry or hand-written forms take much more time and are susceptible to human error, while scanned data is error-free and real-time.


Improve Patient Safety

  • The SRX software has additional clinical safety checks that flag an incorrect, expired or recalled item when scanned by the provider


Real-time Tracking and Reporting

  • Real-time inventory management data allows you to order just the right amount of test kits, PPE, and vaccines for the correct locations
  • Custom reports provide details of item usage by patient ID, location, provider, etc.
  • Customizable low inventory and expired inventory alerts


Why TriNet Medical’s SRX?

  • EMR validated solution
  • Direct integration from within EMR patient chart
  • Barcode scanning to improve data quality and real-time tracking
  • Improved billing accuracy with single source of error-free Data
  • Real-time reports and alerts