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Medication Tracking & Inventory Management Utilizing 2D Barcode Technology


TriNet Medical’s SRX software is an EMR solution to track 340B and non-340B Medications, Immunizations, COVID-19 test kits and DME. The SRX software allows support staff to scan the manufacturer provided 2D barcodes to automate the capture of data including Medication Name, NDC, CVX, Lot Number, Expiration Date, etc. This data capture process does not impact existing administration workflow. If an item does not have a 2D barcode from the manufacturer, the software will generate one that can be printed for use. The SRX software has proven to increase practice productivity, patient safety, and accuracy of medication data. Real-time reporting can be filtered by date, location, and item source.


Increase practice efficiency and productivity

Barcode technology integration with EMR saves time as a single scan captures all the required data automatically into the patient’s chart. Entering data manually takes much longer, is susceptible to the risks of human error and may require rework. In some situations, manual entry needs to be recorded in multiple places (e.g., patient's medical record, state registry) for the same patient, increasing both staff time and risk of error.

Average practice efficiency improved using SRX Barcode solution is about 340%


Reduce operational cost with easy Inventory and Lot Management

The SRX system supports inventory and lot management at multiple locations. Inventory and Lot data are available real-time as they are captured using barcode technology, allows administrator to order "just in time," and keep "just the right amount" of medication, supplies, vaccines, etc. on hand. Having less inventory reduces potential wastage and monetary losses due to mechanical failure, natural disaster, power outage, or human error. Lot tracking allows accurate documentation and reporting.

Average operational cost reduced 50% with the use of SRX Barcode scanning solution


Improved patient safety

Additional clinical safety checks that flag an incorrect, expired or recalled item pulled by the clinician when scanned.


Real-time alerts and reporting

An alert is triggered when an expired or recalled item is scanned. Built in reports provide details of vaccine usage and medication inventory. These assist in managing medication supply and the ordering process. System also provides low inventory and expired inventory alerts.


Why TriNet Medical’s SRX?

  • EMR validated solution
  • Direct integration from within EMR patient chart
  • Barcode scanning integration with 340B and Private medications
  • Required 340B data points for HRSA audit preparation
  • Improved billing accuracy with single source of error-free Data
  • Real-time 340B, VFC, Private, etc. Lot & Inventory management
  • Real-time reports and alerts