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Specialty Practice

Medication Tracking and Inventory Management Solution Integrated with athenahealth

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Associated Retina Consultants is an experienced team of Arizona eye specialists ready to diagnose and treat your vision problems.  Each of their physicians is certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology.  Their physicians are ophthalmologists who sub-specialize in the treatment of diseases and condition affecting the eye’s retina and vitreous.



  • The need for athenaPractice™ and athenaFlow™ integrated medication tracking and inventory management solution
  • Data errors with athenaPractice™ and athenaFlow™ patient chart workflow
  • Time consuming manual data entry and correction
  • Lack of real-time inventory tracking reports



TriNet Medical SRX provided a robust solution for tracking medications and inventory management that is integrated directly with athenaPractice™ and athenaFlow™.


Outcome & Benefits:

  • Decreased user errors.
  • Ease of use for medication tracking and reporting.
  • Improved time management for MA’s, nurses and physicians.
  • Fewer clicks in athenaPractice™ and athenaFlow™.
  • Automated charge/order population in athenaPractice™ and athenaFlow™.
  • Manual data entry virtually eliminated.
  • Needs met and expectations exceeded!